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Chandelier Tower
Saint Augustine's Church
Saint Francis’ Church
Podesta's Palace
The Town Hall (Palazzo Comunale)
Abundance Fountains (Fonti dell'Abbondanza)
Saint Cerbone’s Cathedral

Siennese Fortress and Chandelier Tower
Arco Senese The Siennese Fortress and the Chandelier Tower, linked together by an arch called the Siennese Arch, are a splendid example of medieval architecture. Built according to a drawing by Master Angiolo di Ventura, they are situated near to the Monteregio’s Castle that was later restructured and today is the seat of the Museum of Agricultural Civilization. The Siennese government used this fortress to divide the people of Massa so that they could not stand up against the invader.


Torre del Candeliere The Chandelier Tower was built in 1228 by the Free State of Massa. It is now 74 metres high, having had its original height reduced by 1/3 when Sienna conquered Massa, as a sign of Massa’s submission to Sienna.
It was at this time that Sienna built the majestic flying arch, 21.35 metres in length, that connects the fortress’ ramparts to the Chandelier Tower. It is interesting to note that to build it, the whole structure was first built and then the hill underneath it excavated.


Saint Augustine's Church
Chiostro di San BernardinoSt. Augustine’s Church was built next to the older church of St.Peter in the Field that had become small with the growth of the New City and was therefore used as a convent. Started in 1299 it was finished in the first half of the 14th century. It consists of one nave with 6 pointed arches leading to three beautiful apses: a large one at the centre and two small ones at the sides. This building unites the simplicity of its architecture in travertine to a strong feeling of grandeur. Some very valuable oil paintings on wood and on canvas are preserved inside this church and also the relic of the vestment of St.Bernardino of Siena. St. Bernardino, of the Albizzeschi’s family, was born in Massa.
The cloisters were started in 1410 and were part of the convent of the Augustinian Monks.

Saint Francis’ Church
Chiesa di San FrancescoAs we can see from a deliberation of the Town Hall of the year 1524, this church was built by St.Francis himself in the year 1220. It is located next to a convent that today is used as a Diocesan Seminary and it is built in gothic style, typically Franciscan. It was once of gigantic proportions, so much so that its only nave reached nearly the city walls. Starting from 1319 it was at various stages downsized.

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