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Agriturismo Colli di Travale   Colli di Travale

Alta Maremma Toscana provincia di Grosseto

Your holiday in an age-old farmhouse deeped into the green of the Tuscan Metalliferous Hillside

Our farm is situated in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, in the northern part of the province of Grosseto, between Sienese Chianti, at east, and Maremma, at west.


Panorama dell'agriturismo

You will run along a magnificent route through some of Tuscany’s most beautiful sceneries. At only few steps from us, you can find Montieri, Gerfalco and Travale, ancient villages, famous in the Middle Age for their silver mines and scenes of fight and political conflicts.

Our old stone farmhouse is situated in the wide estate of about 60ha, at an altitude between 410mt and 620mt. It is surrounded by wonderful woods, extended as far as the eye can see; it is also near the seaside (Follonica, 40 minutes drive).



Podere toscano


La Torre della Gatta

The farm produces wood, both for fireplace and for carpentry, wheat, forage, fruit.


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