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Massa Maritima   Massa Marittima

We would like to tell you about us, about our beautiful town, about our sunset which, every night, caresses the monuments. ChurchWe would like to tell you about our people with their traditions, their customs, their folklore and their passions.

We would like to leave you some images of all these feelings, and of other emotions too. We would like you to be here in person, sipping a savoury Monteregio (Controlled Denomination Origin) made in Massa Marittima, or eating one of our best-known dishes with wild boar. We would like to welcome you in our big circus: from there you can breathe the air of our ancient medieval walks, which build the heart of our town.

Nature ChurchYou can simply admire from the top of our monuments our fertile land, which is also rich in corn, vines and olives. You can look down on the horizon towards the gulf of Follonica, the peaks which are rising from the sea level of the isle of Elba and, far away, even the French mountains in Corsica.

CountryAnd in the evenings, when sunsets mark the end of the day, you can rest in our comfortable farm holidays, where you can still find traces of a past rural life in addiction to typical recipes such as bruschette with olive oil, Tuscan croutons, emmer, bean and chickpea soups, tortelli maremmani, hare broad noodles, stewed wild boar with olives, Pecorino with biologic honey, and sweet such as Panforte, cantucci and brad with grapes.



It would be fantastic to have such a lovely holiday together, and that’s why this new site about Massa Marittima is born. Wait just for another few days and you can deepen in detail what (in these few lines) has only been briefly mentioned.




We are sure we have excited your curiosity of travelling and knowing new places: with us you can travel right from home.


Hoping to see you again in this site and to dream with you about these places, we say goodbye to you. For any request or information, please do not hesitate in writing

Our Hotels

Our restaurants

Pappardelle With Chicken-Liver Sauce
Charcoal-Broiled Chicken Marinated in Pepper, Oil, and Lemon
Roast Pork With Bay Leaves

Saint Agostine Church






ArchBottom view of one of the most famous monuments in Massa Marittima. Centuries ago Siena ruled our town and left this wonderful tourist attraction: an arch which links the city walls to the tower.


PlaceIsn’t it worthwhile to come here on holiday or just for a small trip and visiting such a beautiful circus? Massa Marittima and its people are waiting for you and will know how to give you hospitality in some typical restaurants or farm holidays of the area.


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Massa Marittima
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Massa Marittima
Massa Marittima
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