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Bandiera arancione

The ORANGE FLAG is the brand of tourist quality acclimatizes them for entroterra of the Touring the Italian Club. It comes attributed to the localities that satisfy analysis criteria correlate you to the development of a quality tourism. The valorization of the cultural patrimony, the protection of the atmosphere, the culture of the hospitality, the access and the fruibilità of the resources, the quality of the receptivity, the ristorazione and the typical products are only some of the key elements in order to obtain the brand.
The Tci from always work for the development of the quality tourism and for the valorization of the resources and the cultural patrimony and acclimatizes them Italian. The ORANGE FLAG, coordinated from the Center Studies, the unit of research and development of the Touring Italian Club, is one of the instruments with which the Touring offers to the tourists one guarantee of quality and to the localities one valorization instrument.

The plan ORANGE FLAGS , coordinated from the Center Studies of the Touring Italian Club, has been started in 1999 with the application of the model of territorial analysis of the entroterra of the Tci on the from Liguria territory with to the Liguria Region.
On one side this plan re-enters in those strategies of tourist development, than they are based on the quality of the product, the enterprises and the territory through the actions coordinated from the local administration.
From the other side one becomes part in the picture of one political of sostenibile development for the community and for the accommodating atmosphere, that like it has premised and waited for outcome the defense and the valorization of the existing resources, they are they landscaped, cultural or tied to traditions and local customs.

The ORANGE FLAG is therefore one instrument:
for the valorization of the territory
of communication to the question
of guarantee to the tourist

It objects to you
The brand concurs with the smaller localities to propose an additional offer to that one of the tourist systems more develops, contributing to you to the creation of an integrated product, to the differentiation in the market and the redistribution of the tourist flows.

The plan means to stimulate one social and economic increase through the development of the tourism. In particular, it objects to it are:

  • valorization of the local resources
  • development of the culture of the acceptance
  • stimulus of the handicraft and the typical productions
  • impulse to the local imprenditorialità
  • strengthening of the local identity

The final adressee of the brand is the tourist. The ORANGE FLAG contributes to address the choices of the travellers and guarantees the quality of the visit experience .

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