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B & B Il Leccio   Massa Marittima

Bed & Breakfast il Leccio

All our products are of the higest quality and genuinennes, as they are carefully produced with artisan methods, using the best fruit of the earth of our land.

Our guarantee of professionality and experience is the risult of several years of appreciated work in the sector.

Bed & Breakfast il Leccio
B & B
Bed & Breakfast
"La bottega della Cura" offers also a wide and selected range of excellent wines, wich truly exalt the quality of the "Tuscan product" Bar il Leccio

Halfway between Massa Marittima and Follonica, "La Bottega della Cura" has the privilege of being set in one of the greenest regions of Europe and enjoys the advantages of an exceptional climate...

Winters are mild, thanks to the influence of the near Gulf of Follonica, and in summer temperatures are made pleasant by the presence of the Colline Metallifere.

Welcoming, friendly and genuine, our land, Maremma, offers to everyone the opportunity of an ideal holiday.


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Loc. Cura Nuova
Tel. 0566-918032




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