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Typical tuscany recipes   Typical tuscany recipes

Wild board. Typical tuscany recipes

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How to prepare pasta by yourself at home

Monteregio di Massa Marittima

The well defined, tasty, deliciously perfumed flavours of Maremma, are to be found in the warmth of the simple, essential and unadulterated recipes of the ancient and wise tradition of this land, that extends from the hills to the sea, from the uncultivated  to the cultivated fields.

The secret of its fame is the strong link with the rural environment, the care shown  towards a few, simple and genuine products like olive oil, bread, wine, as well as all the other products of the land; products that are prepared slowly, with no rush, in order to guarantee the  special and  particular care needed.

In this very relaxed atmosphere it is totally natural to taste these dishes, these flavours and understand the history and  traditions, and enter into the world and habits  of the people who have left  them to us… maybe they tasted them in the company of their friends, in front of a lively fire,  while telling the stories of past times, stories  that speak of boar hunting, rich vintages and of simple people.

Among the different recipes we suggest: crostini of chicken liver, acquacotta, soups in general, tortelli with Bolognese sauce, pappardelle with hare sauce or with boar sauce, boar hunter style, fillet of beef with Monteregio wine, salted cod with tomato sauce, ricciarelli, cantucci and many more.

Every meal start with Antipasto:

Typical first course with MEAT

Cucina Toscana

Pappardelle With Chicken-Liver Sauce

Typical first course with FISH or VEGETARIAN

Second course
Charcoal-Broiled Chicken Marinated in Pepper, Oil, and Lemon, Roast Pork With Bay Leaves

Schiaccia toscana con l'uva

E Buon Appetito a tutti con la nostra cucina tipica toscana...

Typischer maremmaner Kuche - Immer frischem Fisch

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